EP cover design for Via Mala’s “Drifting Apart” album

The objective of the artwork was to convey the melody and melancholy of the music in visual form, while still leaving some room for hope and the subdued anticipation for what the future holds.

Starling murmurations. The word murmuration descends from the Latin “murmur”, meaning to surge, to move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward.

It’s mesmerizing to watch countless starlings coalesce into a single aerial mass over the span of a few minutes, shape-shifting and morphing into ethereal bodies, fracturing and redissolving into each other again. As the daylight fades, so does the murmuration begin to unravel and disintegrate into tiny flickering pieces heading towards the ground.

Below is a gallery with potential versions and different stages of the cover. Every project brings a rush of ideas, most of which I need to materialize in one way or another in order to figure out what is worth exploring further.

Visual Identity & Merchandise Design