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Andreea Șerban-Chira

I’m a Romanian born, Copenhagen based illustrator, painter and computer graphics artist, holding a Bachelor Degree in both Traditional Graphic Art from the University of Fine Arts & Design, Cluj-Napoca (RO) and in Computer Graphics Art, from The Animation Workshop, Viborg (DK).


My works are predominantly figurative merged with abstraction and stylization, alluding to reality while existing in a universe of their own, or an alternative reality. The depicted subjects result from filtering observations, memories, impressions, states of being, which often transition from my sketchbook to a new surface, whether it’s a physical or a digital one.

I value instinct and spontaneity in an artistic approach, and if a piece allows it, (and it generally does, unless there are certain constrains or conditions), I give in to them.

My upbringing and education contributed to my need of exploring and experimenting with different types of media, which lead me to step within the borders of fine art, illustration, digital art and graphic design, without choosing a side. Granted, some of the sides do benefit from preferential treatment.


If you’re interested in collaborating or have any questions, please write me a message in the “Contact” section.


Thank you for passing by!