"Untamed" conveys the dysfunctional relationship between a 15-year-old girl, Sally, and her once famous jazz trumpeter father, Erik, whose humanity was lost during the years, exposing his destructive behavior and “wilderness” as much on the inside as on the outside by turning himself into a wolf.
They are both living in the shadow of Erik’s past glory days, but for the wolf it’s out of delusion and for Sally, the memory of what her father used to be is a mean of coping with the bleak reality of what living with an ill or addicted parent is like.
This short animation film was made during my final year of Bachelor in Computer Graphic Arts at The Animation Workshop, alongside a team of seven colleagues from both the CG and Animation line, with whom I shared, more or less, the following roles: Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, 3D Layout & DLO Artist, Modeller, Rendering Artist, Texturing Artist, Shading Artist, Rigger, Compositing Artist, Lighting Artist & CG Generalist.
Directed by Juliette Viger. Additional credits at the end of the “Untamed” animated short below.

Image Gallery

*Wolf bust in 3D sculpted by Simon Dilling